Siena Literacy Videos

Thank you Plante Moran and to your employees in your Southfield office whose hard work and effort raised $20,000 for our Center.

If you have trouble reading you are not alone. One out of every five people in the United States has trouble completing job applications, reading prescriptions, helping children with homework, and sharing written memories. In the Detroit Metro area 50% of all residents have trouble reading.

Since 1995, over 600 tutors have helped over 2000 adult learners meet the challenges of their everyday lives. Siena Literacy Center works to improve the lives of families in northwest Metropolitan Detroit by providing a basic education program for adult learners.

We recognize that people often have a difficult time seeking help. We encourage you to contact us, to come in and meet us. We offer a setting that is both supportive and caring. Our tutors and clients form a strong bond creating an environment that fosters success in reading.

If you're interested in joining our endeavor as a tutor or a learner please call us at:
Siena Literacy Center (313) 532-8404