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Fall-2017-Newsletter-Issue #1

Siena Works! Project

Siena Works Project

During the 2012-13 school year one of our volunteer tutors, Bridget Knox provided a proposal that was reviewed and approved. Siena Literacy Center launched a pilot program known as Siena Works! to assist clients looking for employment Although Bridget had to discontinue her volunteer services, we now have Anita Barge diligently working with learners who are seeking employment.

Sister Mary Catharina chosen by
Detroit 2020 as Person of the Week

Sister Catharina, at age 90, has been teaching and tutoring children and adults for more than 60 years, helping more than 6000 students over her career.

Today, Sister Catharina tutors twice a week at the center.

Donna says that Sister Catharina does more than teach math skills.  She gives people the confidence needed to pursue their dreams and goals mastering the challenges that occur in their lives.

Congratulations to Sister Catharina for her continued desire to help people in their efforts to improve their lives.