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More than 43 million adults in the United States cannot read, write, or do math above a third-grade level.

One in five of the world's immigrants live in the United States. Among those immigrants, 53% are proficient English speakers. 

An education is a human right. Be an advocate for adult literacy.
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Additional Resources


ProLiteracy is an extensive organization supporting adult literacy programs, providing professional development, and advocating in support of adult literacy. 

Reading Works

Reading Works fosters relationships between adult education providers and companies to create long-term employment opportunities. 

COABE (Coalition on Adult Basic Education)

COABE provides professional development and advocacy for adult education and literacy programs and educators to enhance quality services for adult learners. 

LINCS (Literacy Information and Communication System)

LINCS offers educational opportunities and resources to adult educators, making them better able to help learners transition into employment and postsecondary education. 

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