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What is expected of me?

We ask you to attend your scheduled tutoring sessions prepared, on time, and willing to learn. Use the provided computer software for independent learning. When you have reached at least 40 hours of instruction, we will evaluate skills progress and review your goals. 


Is there any cost to the program? 

No. It is entirely free. 


Is there a virtual option? 

Siena Literacy Center no longer offers a virtual tutoring option. Independent computer work can be completed either onsite in our computer lab or from any computer with an internet connection. 


How long does it take to complete the program?

This varies from person to person depending on your personal goals. Your attendance and effort will also impact your progress. 


What is the schedule? 

Tutoring sessions typically last two hours. Tutors and learners meet at least once a week, but might meet more frequently if both agree. In-person sessions can be scheduled while our office is open, Monday through Thursday, 10 am-8 pm. We are a year-round program but our building closes for major holidays. 


Do you offer GED classes? 

Many of our students plan to earn a GED! While we do not specifically teach GED preparation, we do offer foundational reading and math skills that are necessary to passing the test. Learners who have mastered this material can be referred to a GED-specific program. 


Who are the tutors? 

Our tutors are volunteers of all ages and backgrounds who want to share their love of learning. All tutors receive ongoing training to ensure high standards. Tutors are referred to us through United Way, VolunteerMatch, Retired Seniors Volunteer Program, AARP, or word of mouth. 


I want to enroll. What do I do? 

That's great! Give us a call at 313-532-8404 or make a registration appointment online

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