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Learner Voices: Vicki White

Siena learner Vicki White reflects on childhood trips she took with her family.


By Vicki White

Daddy liked to drive and was a careful driver. So, a couple of times during the summer, we would go to Virginia Beach, Virginia and Memphis Tennessee to see family. We were well-behaved on these trips. Good behavior was something Daddy and Momma expected.

We took snacks: we brought along cookies, chips, and water. Sometimes as a treat, we would stop at the Cracker Barrel. On the trip

we listened to music – both gospel music and the blues.

Once we arrived, we visited aunts, uncles, and cousins. Often, we would sit outdoors and talk – usually until it was dark.

Looking back on these trips, we always had a good time. The visits were good, but it was also good to be back to our own place.

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This is so wonderful! It's great to see content written by students!!!

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