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Student Spotlight: Kiarra Lewis

When Kiarra Lewis enrolled in cosmetology school in 2016, she had no trouble getting her training hours, but realized she had a lot of difficulty passing the tests she needed to get her cosmetology license. She started coming to Siena Literacy Center in 2018 to work on her reading skills.

“It made a whole lot of difference,” she said. “It helps me out.”

Kiarra works on reading at Siena with tutor Mary Kirby. “She’s understanding,” she said. “She’s patient.”

Improving her reading skills has made a noticeable difference in her life, Kiarra said. She reads more—self-help books and, of course, her cosmetology books. She feels like she has become a more inquisitive person. “I started seeing changes,” she said. “I’m more busy.” Her next goal, she said, is to read the entire Bible.

Once Kiarra gets her cosmetology license, she plans to work for herself as a wigmaker. “The texture of hair, the braiding, it relaxes me,” she said. But even sooner, she plans to use her improved reading skills to pass her driving permit test.

For new students considering Siena, Kiarra recommends the experience. “I would say come,” she said. “It’s very friendly. Learn to have a relationship with your tutor.”

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