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Student Spotlight: Habibatou Bah

Habibatou Bah is one of seven students who will be inducted into the National Adult Education Honor Society this weekend. Congratulations, Habibatou!

Habibatou Bah applied to get her U.S. citizenship last year, but when she finally received an appointment, she had only two weeks to study and prepare for her interview and test. She turned to her tutor, Derek Foster, for help.

“In two weeks I know everything,” she said. She passed the test, and this past March, Bah became a United States citizen.

“I’m happy,” she said. “I’m so happy for that.”

Bah first came to the United States from Guinea in 2013. She moved to Detroit three years later and heard about Siena Literacy Center from a friend. She signed up in 2019 to work on her English skills.

“Now it is better,” she said. “I understand lots of people when they’re talking.”

With three small children at home, Bah often meets with Foster remotely. The two have forged a strong relationship. Foster helps her build confidence, Bah said, and he also makes learning convenient.

“I like it because every time I call him he’s available,” she said.

Now that she has passed her citizenship test, Bah plans to work on becoming more involved in the education of her daughters, ages 5, 4, and 10 months. Improving her English has opened doors, and she recommends studying at Siena Literacy Center to others who want to do the same.

“You don’t need somebody to help you with everything you do,” she said. “You can understand the people when they’re talking.”

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