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Continuing Education

Our tutors are always keeping their skills fresh at our monthly tutor workshops! Here are some of their tips on what it means to be a great tutor:

Susan Yeghissian: “Follow your student's lead. Read what is interesting and relevant to them. Learn from your student because everyone has life experience to teach others.”

Lorraine Tyler: “I think people who tutor are dedicated to service, and I feel students appreciate it when they feel that their tutor is truly interested in their improvement. I always try to prepare my weekly tutoring lesson plans sessions in advance--taking into consideration the personal characteristics of my student. When possible, I find current reading materials to incorporate in the tutoring session. When a lesson is well planned, the hours seem to pass too quickly!!! “

Chelsea Jones: “You have a lot of resources and support at your disposal. Use them!”

Lee Bosek: “In addition to the literacy material assigned by Siena Literacy Center, please invite and welcome outside materials from learners. This may include books, textbooks, work assignments, etc. This will allow learners to openly express their personal and professional goals that will guide the tutor toward literacy success for the learner."

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